Neil playing "Wee-Ball"

Well, Rick has waited a long time for a son and has been anxiously awaiting for him to play sports.  He sent in Neil's registration form and money for Tee-ball but got a phone call from the city informing him that Neil is not 5 yet and cannot play Tee-ball this year.  Well, this did not deter Rick for long.  He found out that the YMCA has a "Wee-ball" league for 3 and 4 year olds.  So, he signed him up. 

Neil likes it but he does get bored.  He is used to playing in the yard with all of us and we pitch to him and he runs all the bases.  He knows the game really well and is really good.  So, I know I'm bragging but Neil is head and shoulders above the other kids, not to mention he is physically a lot bigger than most of the other kids.  It's pretty cute to watch, although painful at times...thankfully they only play 2 innings and everyone gets to bat once each inning.

Neil is the one on the right, on the left is Reagan.  His dad is Rick's boss. So they usually sit together and stand by each other in the field.

I think Neil is trying to pry the ball out of Reagan's glove here. 

Here is Neil with Coach Tim.

Rick and I laugh because Neil waits forever before he swings the bat.  He stands there and stares at the ball with that cute little grin on his face.

He likes posing for his mommy!  He gets mad that they only let him run one base at a time (wee-ball rules).  If it were up to him he would run home every at bat!

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